EXIF and PHP exploitation – The Truth


After reading through a couple of tutorials describing the ease with which PHP can be included directly from the EXIF data within a JPEG image, I became suspicious. Surely my eyes deceive me? Is this a late April Fools’? My first point of call was Google – which provided me with a wealth of information on EXIF functions from within PHP, but very little regarding this particular vulnerability.

There was nothing for it… time to jump in and see what the fuss was about!
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I’m back (almost!)

The end of this week marks the completion of another academic year… hurrah! During this time of intense study, the blog has been a tad neglected in terms of updates and content. I’ve also completely forgotten the rules of English grammar and how to spell…

Nevertheless, in coming weeks expect a barrage of all things geeky (I warned you!) and dust off your PS3 for some Yellow Dog Linux demoing. In the mean time, I leave you with news that old people are being tamed by their smaller and (probably more able) feline counterparts: