Belated New Year Greetings!

After an incredibly busy Christmas period and New Year, I’ve finally found a spare moment. This is a quick heads up on plans for the the coming year:

  • Fyrwerks is still in development. Roll on PHP 5.3!
    After a dozen iterations, I couldn’t settle on a workflow model that met my expectations. In answer to this, I’ve decided to redesign the Fyrwerks concept to match up with the changes we can expect to see in PHP 5.3 – most notably with the addition of Namespace Support.
  • Web 2.0 Projects
    I’ve had quite a few ideas brewing for some time – plan is to unleash them later this year and get some community development going.
  • New Tools & Services
    Do what they say on the tin! Interested in managing your online resources and traffic? I might have a few toys to keep you ahead of the game … stay tuned!

… and last but not least …
Greetings to all my subscribers and best wishes for 2009 🙂