Firefox Add-ons

Not only does Firefox provide unparalleled browsing, there are also thousands of add-ons designed to make your online experience easier and more productive. These are a few of the ones I use on a daily basis:


– Performs a Wikipedia search in parallel to your ordinary Google searches and lists the results next to each other on the same page. Absolutely fantastic!

View Dependencies – If you’ve ever asked yourself “Where are those files files being accessed from…” or “How much bandwidth is this using?” – then this is an essential addition to your add-on collection.

Greasemonkey – Ever wanted to change the way a page displays? Download online videos in a single click? Remove pesty page ads? This add-on can inject Javascript to perform pretty much any task you could ever want or imagine. In fact – someone has probably already written just what you were looking for and uploaded it to the online userscripts database!

Save Session – Picture the scene: it is late, you’ve been working straight for the last 2 hours and still have about 30 open tabs you need to look through. Wouldn’t it be nice to close Firefox and think you’ll be able to access them all again tomorrow morning? Download an early night for yourself now!


Dictionary – Provides a transparent interface between online text-areas (such as for posting a comment, or writing an e-mail using a web mail client, Hotmail, G-mail, etc.) and the language of your choice. Underlines words that are misspelled.

Developer / Debugging

DOM Inspector – Very useful for examining the properties of elements in a page. Personally, I prefer to use Firebug.

Firebug – The Holy Grail of website debugging! Comes with a built in DOM inspector, HTML editor, full CSS listings of each element and much more. If you’re going to use this I would also recommend getting a copy of Firecookie which allows you to view and edit cookie information with ease.

IE Tab – Having to open up Internet Explorer every time you want to test compatibility or appearance of your website can be a pain. This add-on renders it within a Firefox tab, it can even use ActiveX controls! (w00t!)

Web Developer – A useful collection of scripts and tools that allow you to change the way your pages display and retrieve information.

Downloads / FTP

FireFTP – a robust FTP client that runs inside a Firefox tab. Feels a bit clunky to use at times, but frankly it is just as good as many of the standalone applications out there.

Download Statusbar – Does what it says on the tin. Adds a nice toolbar to the bottom of your Firefox window to show your current downloads.

DownloadThemAll! – Like most other ‘mass-downloaders’, DTA! requires a bit of getting used to when you first install it. But unlike rival software, it doesn’t intrude on your browsing sessions and comes with a number of integration features. *Note – the installer is located outside of and you will be informed of this when trying to install it.

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