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Dissertation time! (fun with LaTeX)

UPDATE: Improved the batch file significantly. Enjoy!

I’m moving into exam / dissertation territory now. My updates probably won’t be too frequent until they’re finished in May. Recently I’ve started using LaTeX (or to be more exact, MiKTeX, since I’m a Windows user) and have found it to be most useful as a complete replacement for writing scientific reports using Word.

To simplify the process of compiling a pdf using the MiKTeX package, I’ve written a small batch file that links together all the preparatory processes with ps2pdf. Just download it and then drag and drop the .tex file onto it to get started!

Download make.bat here.

(NOTE – I haven’t tested it extensively, so it may not work as expected – make backups!)


The Easter bunny needs… BLOOD!

That dreaded time of the year has rolled around again! The merriment of the new year stretches back in the vastness of time and examinations fester themselves in thought, like some kind of unstoppable malignant force. With your future dependant on the outcome of sadistically timetabled exams, it is no wonder students gorge themselves on chocolate over Easter…

The blog still has pitifully low content, I am resolving this by drafting several C.I.Y projects, hacks and the like. Hopefully I’ll have some of them in a fit state to post this week, but if coursework and revision prove overwhelming – I might roll them back to next week and do a proper bit of quality control 😉

In the mean time, be careful over this *dangerously stressful* period (hehe!) and remember, don’t let the bunny bite!

Teeths… I has them!