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Repairing broken USB partition tables

While trying to use my 16GB USB flash drive as a raw-disk for VMware, I managed to corrupt the partition table. This rendered the drive useless for data storage. As none of the information contained on the drive was useful, it seemed that the best solution was a straightforward partition table wipe and rebuild. This can be difficult on Windows as Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Disk Management does not allow the deletion of the primary partition.

Many Googl’d solutions involved rebooting with one repair/installation disk or another, however I’ve found a quicker way…
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Google Syntax Highlighter background-colour bugfix

I found the background for each line of code wasn’t expanding to fit the scroll-area properly when a wide piece of code was being viewed. This has been declared as an official bug and the workaround suggested by brucknerite works nicely.
I have made a few tweaks to his fix so that it displays properly on WordPress. I’ve attached the culprit files to the end of this post.

Download files

shcore.js – upload to /scripts
syntaxhighlighter.css – upload to /styles

* Having troubling getting shCore.js to compress using DEP. It’s probably just a simple syntax niggle, so I will investigate this when I’m less busy!