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Download videos from ALL flash streaming video sites

You read the title correctly, this tutorial will show you how to download videos from any site that hosts FLV streaming videos (e.g. veoh, youtube etc.) what’s more, you don’t need to use any annoying 3rd party software!

  1. If you’re not using Firefox, download and install it.
  2. Find the video you want to download using Firefox. For example, from veoh.com. BUT DON’T WATCH IT YET!


  3. Open a new tab and type ‘about:cache’ (excluding ‘ marks) into your Firefox address bar.


  4. Copy the path (text) from next to ‘Cache Directory’ and paste it into your address bar. You should get a page like the one below.


  5. This is where it can get a little bit tricky, not too hard though 🙂 To make things easier it might be a good idea to clear your Firefox cache (click ‘Tools->Clear Private Data’ and make sure that ‘Cache’ is ticked). Go back to the tab showing your cache information and click refresh (or press F5).
  6. Now click on the video in the first tab and it should start to load. While it is doing this, switch back to your cache view and click refresh – the list of links/files should be growing! Keep clicking refresh (or tapping F5) until the list stops growing.
  7. If you look at the second column in the cache view, it will show the size of each file in the cache. Once the list has stopped growing, you should see most of the file sizes stay constant – except for one! This will be your video file.


  8. Switch back to the site containing the video (e.g. veoh) and wait for the video to load completely.
  9. Click on the cache view tab again and (without refreshing) right click and choose ‘Save link as…’ on the cache file that was growing in size.
  10. Rename the file to something useful and include .flv at the end of the file (like ‘panda_sneezes.flv’). You can now watch this video from your desktop with an FLV player.

There you have it, 10 steps to download flash videos streaming videos from any site.