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Dissertation time! (fun with LaTeX)

UPDATE: Improved the batch file significantly. Enjoy!

I’m moving into exam / dissertation territory now. My updates probably won’t be too frequent until they’re finished in May. Recently I’ve started using LaTeX (or to be more exact, MiKTeX, since I’m a Windows user) and have found it to be most useful as a complete replacement for writing scientific reports using Word.

To simplify the process of compiling a pdf using the MiKTeX package, I’ve written a small batch file that links together all the preparatory processes with ps2pdf. Just download it and then drag and drop the .tex file onto it to get started!

Download make.bat here.

(NOTE – I haven’t tested it extensively, so it may not work as expected – make backups!)


Belated New Year Greetings!

After an incredibly busy Christmas period and New Year, I’ve finally found a spare moment. This is a quick heads up on plans for the the coming year:

  • Fyrwerks is still in development. Roll on PHP 5.3!
    After a dozen iterations, I couldn’t settle on a workflow model that met my expectations. In answer to this, I’ve decided to redesign the Fyrwerks concept to match up with the changes we can expect to see in PHP 5.3 – most notably with the addition of Namespace Support.
  • Web 2.0 Projects
    I’ve had quite a few ideas brewing for some time – plan is to unleash them later this year and get some community development going.
  • New Tools & Services
    Do what they say on the tin! Interested in managing your online resources and traffic? I might have a few toys to keep you ahead of the game … stay tuned!

… and last but not least …
Greetings to all my subscribers and best wishes for 2009 🙂


September Update

Wow! September already? Anyway, onwards and … er, upwards as they say!
Over the coming months I will be installing my development site in place of this blog. I know this is going to be a nuisance, but I feel the time has come to have a proper site portal and sandbox for my projects.

The blog will still be accessible (at a URL to be announced, probably just /blog.) and incoming links will be fixed up to reflect this change in location.

Wishing everyone a happy and productive September! 🙂


Has no interwebs? Oh noes!

Yup, I’m without home internet for a whole 2 weeks (it’s scary how much you miss it when it’s gone!). Since I can only get online to write on this blog at work, my posting consistency is probably going to be quite bad 🙂

I’ve still got a fair few draft posts to sort out and go through properly. In the mean time, as a boredom breaker – try out Doukutsu, it’s immense!

Glancing normality

My recent absence and unfulfilled promise of geeky goodness has not been entirely in vain! For the past month or so I’ve been wrapped up in academic pursuits – ranging from preparing cell cultures to programming with Cell microprocessors!

As a result, I have a rather large backlog of draft posts that I haven’t had the time (read: been bothered) to complete. This week marks the beginning of my Big Blog Catchup – starting with some bits and pieces about running Fedora Core 7 on a Sony PlayStation 3!

I’m back (almost!)

The end of this week marks the completion of another academic year… hurrah! During this time of intense study, the blog has been a tad neglected in terms of updates and content. I’ve also completely forgotten the rules of English grammar and how to spell…

Nevertheless, in coming weeks expect a barrage of all things geeky (I warned you!) and dust off your PS3 for some Yellow Dog Linux demoing. In the mean time, I leave you with news that old people are being tamed by their smaller and (probably more able) feline counterparts:


No time!? (in more ways than one!)

With impending exams threatening to destroy what little sanity I have left, I take a few moments to find satisfaction in the knowledge that even the best sometimes get it wrong. The past is littered with disasters that resulted from human oversight, the Titanic being a prime example. I wonder if it is unfair of me to draw a parallel between WordPress 2.5 and the doomed sea vessel?

While the latest incarnation of WordPress comes with a flashy new interface, the ability to automatically update plugins over the web and lots of nice developer tidbits, it is was slow … as … ASS! I’ve installed wp-cache but this does little to help alleviate the page load stress on each request. Let’s hope 2.5.1 is around the corner 🙂

2.5.1 Has touched down!

In other news, I’m drafting some articles on web development, Facebook applications, EXE loaders as alternatives to patching and if I get time – some notes from my adventure with YDL on my PS3!