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No time!? (in more ways than one!)

With impending exams threatening to destroy what little sanity I have left, I take a few moments to find satisfaction in the knowledge that even the best sometimes get it wrong. The past is littered with disasters that resulted from human oversight, the Titanic being a prime example. I wonder if it is unfair of me to draw a parallel between WordPress 2.5 and the doomed sea vessel?

While the latest incarnation of WordPress comes with a flashy new interface, the ability to automatically update plugins over the web and lots of nice developer tidbits, it is was slow … as … ASS! I’ve installed wp-cache but this does little to help alleviate the page load stress on each request. Let’s hope 2.5.1 is around the corner 🙂

2.5.1 Has touched down!

In other news, I’m drafting some articles on web development, Facebook applications, EXE loaders as alternatives to patching and if I get time – some notes from my adventure with YDL on my PS3!